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Draw Your Discount Details


The discounts range between a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 50% off, so you are guaranteed to get a discount. The odds of getting a discount are 100%.

Odds of discounts:

  • 50% Off – 1 in 500
  • 40% Off – 2 in 500
  • 30% Off – 5 in 500
  • 25% Off – 10 in 500
  • 20% Off – 20 in 500
  • 15% Off – 50 in 500
  • 10% Off – 412 in 500


  • Discounts will be drawn after all items for purchase are entered on the transaction.
  • Once a discount has been drawn, additional items may not be added to the current transaction.
  • Drawn discounts apply only to the current transaction and not past or future purchases.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer or sale price.
  • Sale items will be given the better discount price, either the drawn discount or the sale price.
  • You will be expected to return to the end of the line after each purchase, if a line has formed and you are planning on making an additional purchase.
  • All discounts drawn will be returned for each drawing to ensure the odds are the same for each person.