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Tips for Selecting Eyewear for Riding

  06/27/2013 at 12:20 pm

Tips for Selecting Eyewear for Riding

June 27, 2013

Tips for Selecting  Eyewear for Riding

As a motorcyclist, you understand that riding gear is a  safety investment. The same goes for selecting your eyewear. If you prefer a  full-coverage helmet with a face shield, goggles are not necessary, but if you  prefer a short helmet or open-face helmet, you’ll need to have a great pair of  riding glasses or goggles.


There are three important components to selecting eyewear:  Safety, comfort, and style.


Your eyewear should be specifically designed to protect you  from the elements you experience when riding. Your enemies are wind, dust,  dirt, rain, bugs, and the sun. You’ll want to make sure your eyewear prevents  air from getting behind your lenses and drying out your eyes. The best lenses  are polarized with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments. There are also many  different tints you can get on your lenses. A quick rule of thumb for tints:  the darker the tint, the more light it absorbs.


The key to a comfortable set of goggles is a snug fit. If  they are too loose, they can vibrate, which will blur your vision and increase  the likelihood of fogging. Riders who require corrective lenses have four  options:
        1 – Always wear your contact lenses.
        Though a lot of riders prefer not to wear contacts because wind, dust, and  other irritants make wearing them uncomfortable.
        2 – Find goggles that fit comfortably over your eyeglasses.
        Not all goggles will fit over all types of eyeglasses, so finding a good fit  can be difficult.
        3 – Consider prescription goggles.
        One of the great features of some goggles is interchangeable lenses. You can  uses tinted ones during the day in the sunlight and clear ones at night.  Prescription goggles prevent you from doing this unless you buy multiple sets  of lenses with a prescription, which can be very expensive.


The look and style of your goggles are even more important  than the safety and comfort, right? Just kidding, but it is still important!  There are a variety of frame and lens colors to choose from. We recommend the  following:
        1 – Buy multiple lens colors.
        Use a clear one for night time or impaired visibility riding. Also get a  mirrored set of lenses just to keep people guessing!
        2 – Buy colored frames. Everybody buys black; try something  that matches a unique color on your bike or bandana!


As always – ride safely, be alert, and keep your vision  clear with the right set of riding eyewear. And share a picture of your favorite eyewear on the Eagle Leather Facebook Page!



By Eagle Leather