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The Best Color Lenses for Your Ride!

  10/07/2013 at 15:06 pm

The Best Color Lenses for Your Ride

October 07, 2013

The Best Color Lenses for Your Ride Depend on Your Eye Color!
Sunglasses are one of the most important and essential pieces of motorcycle safety gear. Not only will they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, they will protect you from the elements like wind, rain, dirt and bugs.
MPN recently blogged about a motorcycle eyewear company that discovered a correlation between a rider’s eye color and the lens color that is best for  him or her. The company’s sales showed that 80 percent of riders wear gray lenses  with black frames. In an experiment, they asked riders to test wearing gray  lenses and amber lenses through the same environment while riding to determine  if either lens provided greater vision.

Early during testing, researchers found out eye color was a  major factor in which lens color each rider chose. Lighter-colored eyes are  more transparent, allowing more light to enter and more sensitive to bright  light. Contrast lenses make everything brighter. Based on these theories,  riders were put into one of two groups and the results were summarized.

Greater than 4/5 riders with lighter-colored eyes chose a  gray-colored lens. The additional contrast from the amber lens made the bright  light too much to bear – a few riders gave the sunglasses back within seconds  of trying them on. Riders with darker-colored eyes overwhelmingly preferred the  amber colored lens. For these riders, the additional contrast of the lens was  considered safer and more comfortable.

The test also took on the longstanding belief by some riders  that polarized lenses made it more difficult to see water puddles because the  glare of the sun on the water was no longer visible. The testers were unable to  create any situation that proved this belief to be accurate. Polarization  allowed the riders to see what was in the puddles, and be able to differentiate  between puddles and potholes.

To recap – if you have light-colored eyes, a gray lens is  probably best for you. If you have dark-colored eyes, you might want to go with  an amber lens. However regardless of lens color, you sunglasses of choice  should be polarized and shatter-proof for the ride.

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