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Bike Week is a Few Weeks Away!

  01/29/2014 at 12:27 pm

Bike Week is a Few Weeks Away!

January 29, 2014

Daytona Bike Week
 A Week of Sun, Fun, and Chrome
In a few short weeks, Daytona Beach, Florida will play host to hundreds of thousands of riders during the 73rd annual Bike Week. The event runs from March 7th – March 16th. Daytona Beach is located on the central East Coast of Florida, about 90 miles south of  Jacksonville and 250 miles north of Miami. The crown jewel of the events is the “Daytona 200” motorcycle race, which has been held at Daytona International  Speedway every year since 1961. Riders come from all over the world for Bike  Week – In fact, more languages are spoken during Bike Week than at any other  time of the year in Daytona Beach.

There will be a full week of motorcycle racing events at the  Speedway. Events include dirt track races, the Daytona Supercross, the Harley  Davidson TwinSports race, the BMW "Legends of Racing", and the SuperSport  International Challenge. Harley Davidson also has a museum for enthusiasts to  visit. Outside of races, the Speedway will entertain guests with several other  motorcycle shows including vintage and custom bikes, European & Japanese  motorcycles, sidecars, and trikes. The city will have concerts, fashion shows,  technical seminars and demo rides – so there will be no shortage of  entertainment. Other activities include Poker Runs, motorcycle swap meets, free  BBQs, and late night parties.
While in the area, riders commonly visit attractions in nearby cities, like the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral or Walt Disney  World in Orlando. However, one of the most fun things to do during Bike Week is  people watching! Especially on Main Street in Daytona Beach – that’s where the  late night party action is.

The #1 ride every newcomer to Bike Week must go on is the  “Loop.” It's like no other ride. It's open road, sunshine, ocean views, and every  riders dream. The Loop starts going north on John Anderson Drive in Ormond  Beach until you reach Highbridge Road. There, you hang a left to go across the  bridge overlooking the beautiful Halifax River. After winding through several  curves in the road, riders take another left to go further west towards Old  Dixie Highway. Take another left once you reach Old Dixie Highway, back towards  Ormond Beach, to finish out The Loop. There are plenty of places to stop along  the way to take in the beautiful surroundings. Check out the Fairchild Oak tree  at Ormond Park – it’s one of Florida's oldest living Oaks. Pack a boxed lunch,  your camera, a free spirit, and enjoy the 22 mile ride – a must for riders who  would enjoy a nice leisurely ride along Florida’s countryside. If you’ve never been  on the Loop, we highly recommend giving it a try.

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