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A Bacon-Powered Motorcycle

  08/21/2014 at 14:34 pm

A Bacon-Powered Motorcycle

August 21, 2014

Nope! You Are Not Dreaming!

Bikes and Bacon?! What Could be Better?

The Hormel Company, best known as the maker of Spam, has a  bacon-grease powered motorcycle, which is being ridden from company  headquarters in Austin, Minnesota to the International Bacon Film Festival in  San Diego, California. The concept was developed by Hormal and BBD&O  advertising in Minneapolis to promote Hormel’s Black Ribbon Bacon.
The bike, based on a 2011 Track T-800CDI, was custom  designed to run on refined bacon grease by Charlie Smithson of CSE Engineering  and his work-partner Taylor Bamber.

Smithson and Bamber will accompany the motorcycle to San  Diego to troubleshoot any problems. Also along for the ride is a film crew who  will shoot the journey. The resulting film, Driven  by Bacon, will be shown at the festival. Then, Hormel will use the film and  motorcycle, which will be at home in the Spam Museum in Austin, to promote its  bacon.

A bacon-powered diesel bike seems like a winner in the world  of alternative fuels. Some have pointed out that if a tanker loaded with  refined bacon grease were to have a leak, the resulting spill would be great  fish food.

But I’m thinking about being able to ride around the country  and, when I’m low on fuel, asking a restaurant if I can have that bucket of  grease they’re about to throw away. I wonder—how many miles per bucket?

You can see pictures and follow the progress of the Driven  by Bacon motorcycle at  You’ll find pictures, videos, and stories about the bike, the crew accompanying  it to San Diego, folks they met on the way, and more.

By Eagle Leather